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Xiaomi Partnerships with Light

Xiaomi Light

Light is a company that makes Cameras lenses. And Recently they partnerships with Nokia and launches Nokia 9 Pure View. that have 5 Rear Cameras. This company also launch a Camera with 16 Individual Lenses that gives you 62Mp photo resolution. Xiaomi also partnerships this company and maybe the next …

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7: Detailed Specs

Xiaomi is known as Budget friendly mobiles making company. But in Pakitan, Budget is starting from 20,000 PKR. And believe me, This is higher budget. Not quite budget. Xiaomi seperate their Redmi brand as their Sub-brand. and Redmi launch their first mobile as Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, with Gradient finish …

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Xiaomi Mi 9: Leaked Specifications

Xiaomi Mi 9

Last year, Xiaomi Launch their Flagships Mi8 and Mi8 Explorer Edition and they go Floped in Asian Markets due to low Shipments and Now Xiasomi plans to launch their Xiaomi Mi9. This will be the Xiaomi FLagship and comes with Best Features like 5G. But don’t know, When Xiaomi Launch …

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Xiaomi Folding Smartphone: 2019 is about Innovations

Xiaomi Folding Smartphone

When Samsung tells that they launch their First Folding Smartphone, The Flexpai comes. And then Every Company join the race to build their Own Flexible Smartphone. And now, Samsung is not the Only brand that working on Flexible Smartphone. Here is the Xiaomi Folding Smartphone. Xiaomi Folding Smartphone READ ALSO …

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Xiaomi Going to Launch Black Shark 2 on 23rd October

Xiaomi teases their upcoming gaming Mobilephone. Which will be the Successor of its first variant. One year ago Xiaomi releases their First Gaming Smartphone with their Sub-Brand Balck Shark. That was a gaming phone with Latest Snapdragon chipset. And now they go to Launch their successor with name BlackShark2. Xiaomi …

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