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Nokia will launch 2 mobiles in MWC

Nokia MWC

Nokia teases from last year that they launch Nokia 9 Pure view. but still, they don’t launch it yet. They said that they launch it in December 2018, But, They don’t launch. Them he said that we launch it in end of January but still, they don’t launch this phone. …

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Nokia will launch Nokia 9 on 5th December in Dubai

One there was a time when Nokia was the best company in Market. But later Nokia don’t follow the Trends and they flops. After Microsoft acquired Nokia and they launch Windows Phone with Nokia Branding. This concept also flopped. And Nokia shutdown their services. Nokia 9 launch in Dubai on …

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Nokia 9 will come without Notch

Some time ago Nokia teases their Nokia 9 with 5 Rear Cameras. And now there are so many rumors about this Mobilephone come to market. Definitely, Nokia was the leader in a time but now they try to become leader again in Mobilephone market. Reports say that this Nokia 9 …

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