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Apple will launch its Folding iPad [Leak]

Folding iPad

Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold in February, and Now Apple asked Samsung that they give their Folding displays to them. And Samsung gave. Reports say that Apple also planning to launch its Folding phone in 2019. Apple charges its 2018 models of iPhone very over. and If they launch their …

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Apple removes Notch but Not Face ID

First of all the Essential phone are Launched with WaterDrop Notch but no Company will copy it. Then Apple launches their iPhone X with Notch for Face ID and then every company copies the Apple and give Notches in their Mobile phones. Doesn’t matter that the price of Mobile is …

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Huawei beats Apple in DxoMark

Whenever a Mobile launch everyone has a question about Their camera performance.DxoMark is a website where they Check the Quality of Camera in a Mobilephone. On this website, Huawei P20 Pro have the Highest DxoMarks. But when iPhones launch, everyone knows that this ranked on Number 1 for DxoMark. No …

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Can Robots Replace Humans?

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