Samsung May launch a phone with New Infinity Display Soon [Leak]

Samsung S Pen

This is Samsung’s 10th Anniversary of Mobiles. and Samsung really wants to do some innovation in the industry. Last year Samsung patents displays, That are Infinity V, Infinity O, Infinity U & other was New Infinity. And Samsung Soon launches their one mobile with New infinity. Because Samsung files a patent to put the camera in S-Pen that controls by the Phone.


Samsung S10 Plus on Geekbench [Leak]

Reports say that Samsung soon launches New Infinity Display phone because Samsung files a patent that they built the camera in S-Pen and This camera controlled with your mobile and have Optical Zoom feature in it. As Camera is located in S-Pen then there is no need to make a hole in the display with Camera and Samsung gives Full Display phone. Maybe Samsung launches this feature in NoteX/Note 10 or waits for next year to implement this feature.