Google Coral: Leaked on Benchmarks

Google Coral

Every year Google launch their 2 Phones with Latest Software & some better hardware and an Outclass camera. Last Year Google launch Pixel 3 & Pixel e XL, And many people don’t like the notch of Pixel 3 XL. And now a Mobile from Google are spotted on Geekbench with …

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Huawei may launch Folding 5G phone in MWC

Huawei Foldable Phone

Last year, In 2018, Samsung teases their Folding smartphone then Huawei also shows their Folding Smartphone And Flexpai launched. No doubt, Huawei is a leading brand in the industry but Now they also Join the race of 5G without Snapdragon 855, They are working on their own Kirin 990 processor …

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Samsung Exynos 7904: Some Info about this processor

Samsung Exynos 7904

Samsung is an Innovative company of all times. But In last year, They don’t focus on their Mid-range and Budget Segment smartphones and they only focus and give high-quality products in their Flagship category. That’s the reason that Samsung is not #1 Mobile phone Brand in India. And Xiaomi Copete …

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Android Q: Some Leaks & Rumors

Android Q

In 2008 Google launched the first Android Platform for Mobiles. Then Nobody gives value to it and everyone asked that it will be Closed soon. But now, Its completed 11 years of success. And last year Google launches its 9th version with name Android Pie. And here is the some …

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Windows Phones are Dead

Windows Phone

In 2010, Microsoft launches their first Smartphone with Windows OS with Windows 7. Later they launch many phones with the Windows Operating System. And on another side, Android was Getting Popularity. But Microsoft doesn’t care and they think that this is also computers and Android are not overtake it. Later, …

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Best Magento Hosting: Complete list

Best Magento Hosting

Magento is an Adobe’s Cloud service that offers Online Store for your needs. The start of building this platform from 2007 by a USA based Private Company. Written language is PHP & it is an Open-source software. But this is not about the History of Magento, We talk about Best …

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Samsung gives 6,200mAh battery in Samsung Flex

Samsung Flex

Every company tries to launch their Flagship phones but the mobile battery is not the flagship level. Mostly, they provide 3,000 or 3,200 mAh battery. But this year Samsung try to change this trend. They also give 4,000mAh battery in their Note 9. But now the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G …

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Samsung Galaxy S10: All you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S10

Last year (2018), Samsung Teases their Displays models, Like Infinity O, Infinity V, New Infinity and Infinity U. Many peoples think that Samsung uses this New Infinity in their S10, But Samsung use Infinity O display in their Samsung Galaxy S10, Because this is Samsung’s S-series 10 Birthday then One …

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