Is Samsung copying Essential phone?

Is Samsung Copying Essential

Essential was the first company who Introduced the Notch display in their Essential PH1. Later, Apple adopts this and It becomes Trend. And Now, Essential is planning to launch their Successor of PH1, Essential PH2. This Essential PH2 also a World’s First phone that comes with an Under Display Selfie …

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Oppo launch another Sub-brand – Reno

Oppo Sub-brand Reno

Almost, Every Chinese company launch its sub-brand. And Now Oppo introduces it’s another Sub-brand after Realme. As Vivo launch their Sub-brand IQOO to launch the Gaming phones. Oppo also launches their Sub-brand Reno. Reports say that this will target the Flagship phones like Find X, FInd Z and others. Maybe …

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PUBG got Age Restricted in China.


Many peoples that have a best mobile that plays PUBG, are Playing and many of addicted for this game. In china, this game is Age restricted now. If you are below 13 years then you don’t play this game in China. But, If this update are come in china then …

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Apple will launch its Folding iPad [Leak]

Folding iPad

Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold in February, and Now Apple asked Samsung that they give their Folding displays to them. And Samsung gave. Reports say that Apple also planning to launch its Folding phone in 2019. Apple charges its 2018 models of iPhone very over. and If they launch their …

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