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Huawei beats Apple in DxoMark

Whenever a Mobile launch everyone has a question about Their camera performance.DxoMark is a website where they Check the Quality of Camera in a Mobilephone. On this website, Huawei P20 Pro have the Highest DxoMarks. But when iPhones launch, everyone knows that this ranked on Number 1 for DxoMark. No doubt that iPhone Cameras have best quality lens. But in this year, Apple iPhone XS Max have only 105 DxoMark. And another side P20 Pro has 109 DxoMark. Now everyone has waited to Pixel 3 XL that they Break the Huawei P20 Pro Record and Cross the 110 DxoMark. After the test of Google Pixel 3 XL, we will tell you that which Mobile have the best Camera of 2018.

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