What is Affiliate Marketing – All you need to Know


Affiliate Marketing is not only Online Sale process.

If you are creative then you can do it Offline too.

The best Affiliate marketing example is Insurance companies.

This is also work in Online. And I discussed here in Detail.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Many companies on Internet promote their products Online via different methods.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are commonly used.

But the other method is Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Process

You promote a company product and someone buy from your link.

And after the complete purchase you earn some commission.

This is the main concept of Affiliate Marketing.

But this is not easy as you think.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

There are so many mediums that offers the Affiliate Products.

You simply Register yourself their and start promoting companies products.

You just need to write an Article where you convince your readers to buy that product.

And put your affiliate link as Buy Now.

When someone buy, You get a certain amount of Commission.

Which type of Products should I choose?

Peoples have so many problems in their life.

And if you want to succeed then be a Problem Solver.

Find, which type of problems people face.

And then search a product that solve this problem.

But first, make a research that Is people searching this product online?

You can use many tools for this purpose like Ubersuggest, KWFinder, KeywordTool, Ahrefs and many more.

And If the peoples search this and have good volume of this keyword then work on it.

Write a full detailed Review on It and put your link for buy it now.

Affiliates Networks

Affiliates Networks are those Networks where you find Affiliate Products.

If you visit a company website they give their Affiliate programme link at the end.

But if they don’t then you can find products from these networkss.

Here is the some links of most popular Affiliate Networks.

  • Affiliate Window – (AWIN)
  • ShareASale
  • MaxBounty
  • Tradedoubler
  • CJ Affiliate
  • FlexOffers
  • VigLink
  • JVZoo
  • ClickBank
  • Target Affiliates
  • PeerFly
  • AvanGate
  • ClickFunnels
  • Shopify
  • SEMRush
  • Amazon

These are the main Networks where you find your Affiliate Products for Promotion.

How I start?

Simply choose a Domain name, Buy a Hosting (I would Recommend buying from ResellerClub), use a lite Theme on WordPress and ThirstyAffiliate Plugin.

That’s it.


If you make a good name in Affiliate Marketing, You could make a recurring income on a Monthly basis. But, you need proper research before starting.

Some Companies give up to 100$ commission on 1 sale and some are gives some pennies on a visit without buy anything.

Do research and make it happen. Best of luck.


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