Xiaomi will launch Mi A3 and A3 lite with In-display Fingerprint Scanner [Leak]


In 2017, Xiaomi launched their Mi A One with Android Program.

And later, in 2018, they launch the Mi A2 with same Android One program.

And Now, In this year (2019), They will also launch their Mi A3 and as usual, it also based on Android One program.

But this year they may do something special.

Reports say that Xiaomi’s A3 and A3 lite will come with In-display fingerprint scanner.

This is not authentic news, maybe they launch it with some other features.

But Still, reports say that this will come with an optical Fingerprint scanner.

But, We have no idea that when Xiaomi launch this mobile and what is the exact specs of this mobile and what’s the price.

But, it’s maybe Xiaomi launch it with the best specs and price.


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