Now, You can play PUBG only 6 hours in a day


There are so many games on the internet.

And many peoples play those games every day. and some even plays at night too.

Mostly, games are available for Xbox, Play Stations, and PCs, but some games are also available for Mobiles.

As you Know PUBG is the most popular game in Asia.

And, This game is played a lot in India. And many peoples are dies due to this game and some are arrested,l because this is illegal in India now.

People’s say that every people playing this game and don’t give time to other activities.

And now, It’s got a time limit in this game.

You can play only 6 hours a day (24 hours).

When you play this game for 2 hours, You got a notification and one notification will get after 2 hours of playing.

And When you play the 6 hours game, You can’t play more.

if you don’t get restriction then Update the App.


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