Google Stadia – A gaming project from Google


The gaming industry is very saturated nowadays. And google planned to shake up the industry with Google Stadia.

Last year, Google announced its Google Project Stream, Where you can play any game if you have 25mbps connection.

And Now, this is one step further.

You can play online games if you have a good internet connect (no special equipment needed).

I tell you from Start. So, let’s get started.

Google announced its Google Stadia Today.

It’s a Cloud-based system. You can play your high-end games with low graphics via Wi-Fi.

This play directly from Google’s Datacentres. You can play games with 4k@60fps.

No Special hardware required.

Stadia have a similar controller like X Box and they have 2 special buttons.

One for Google Assistant and the other for live streaming on youtube.

You can play directly live games via this controller and this supports Multi players.

You can play these games with your friends or any other player.

As soon you can play Assasin creed Odyssey and Doom. and later, They add more games as time passed.

You don’t need to buy a new controller or any type of hardware. you can play ion your existing Controller or PCs.

What do you think about that? id Google will shake the gaming market or this project also comes and go like Google’s some other products.

Still, Google doesn’t give us the exact date of launching this project that when they launched the Google Stadia.

Google Project Stadia
Google Project Stadia

They say that we launch it in 2019, but no exact date.

Also, Don’t have any confirmation that this is a paid or free service from Google.

Maybe this is a subscription-based service like Netflix or we buy games like others. there is no confirmation about these things yet.


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