Now, You can Remap Bixby Button in Samsung’s flagships


Mostly, Peoples use Voice Search Nowadays.

Apple have Siri, Google has Google Assistant, Amazon has Alexa, and Samsung has Bixby. But this Bixby is the reason for some hate or Irritation for Samsung.

Peoples don’t was Bixby When Google Assistant is working well. But Samsung Introduces the Bixby button in their S8 models.

It was a separate button for Open Bixby, But peoples don’t like and even Samsung don’t give the option to Remap that button for any other task.

But Now, After the launch of S10 Series, Samsung gives that option and Now, You can Remap your Bixby button in your flagships.

Here is How you can Remap your Bixby button.

  • Go to Setting,
  • Click Advanced Features,
  • Click Bixby Key,
  • And Now Setup here your Remap app.

If you don’t have S10 & own an Old variant of S-series like S8, Note8, S9 or Note9 then your procedure may be different from S10 users.

Hello Bixby
Hello Bixby
  • Go Galaxy Store,
  • Update Bixby Home,
  • Press Bixby Button and launch,
  • Go to setting of Bixby,
  • Then Go to About Option,
  • And Update again,
  • After the update, Launch Bixby,
  • Go to Setting,
  • About Section and here you find your Bixby Key.
  • Remap it.

This feature is Only for Flagship mobiles. If you use Galaxy A7 or A9 then You enjoy Bixby.


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