PUBG got Age Restricted in China.


Many peoples that have a best mobile that plays PUBG, are Playing and many of addicted for this game.

In china, this game is Age restricted now.

If you are below 13 years then you don’t play this game in China. But, If this update are come in china then soon It will become global. Bad news for 13 year below.

Do you think that you cheat the system and play?

If you think then here is more info.

PUBG game now ask you to give your Camera access, So they watch you and verify.

Parents Control. You ask your parents that you want play game, If you are Old than 13 then It’s not for you.

PUBG Banner

You also limit your time for playing this game. After that time, Game wouldn’t let you play.

What do you think about that? Is this goof update or not? Tell me in the comments below.


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