One Plus 7 doesn’t give you Wireless Charging Technology


One Plus is known as the Apple of Indians Peoples. Because they launch the best processors phones at the lowest price. (Not low than Xiaomi). Last year they launch One Plus 6 and 6T and they become the Most used brand in India and they overtake Apple sales in India. And now, This year they launch the One Plus 7.

One Plus launch their phones at a low price with the latest features. There are some missing features too. like One Plus still don’t give Wire-Less Charging to it’s any phone. The CEO of One Plus confirms that they launch One Plus 7 very soon but they don’t contain WireLess Charging. they said that they don’t launch Wire-Less Charging until any company makes a technology that works like that Phone not getting heat while wirelessly charged. Till charge your phone with Warp Charge.


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