No one Adds you in any Group without your permission [WhatsApp]


You join WhatsApp and your relatives or friends add you in unnecessary WhatsApp Groups. Where you don’t know any person or also hate about Social Peoples, And sometimes these groups are not suitable for you. And number leaked too. What you do now? Of course, leave, And your friends add you again & again. But, now this is enough. No more tortures.

Reports say that WhatsApp introduces this process in a new way, You have control on this thing very soon. WhatsApp will give you 3 options.

  • Anyone
  • My Contact
  • Only me/ No one
  • If you select Anyone, this will be work same like now, Anyone can add you in any WhatsApp Group.
  • If you select My Contacts, Then only the peoples that are available in your contacts have permission to add you to any group.
  • But if you select Only Me, Then Only you can join a group via Invite link or create a group and be there. No one adds you in any group.


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