Samsung May launch a phone with New Infinity Display Soon [Leak]


This is Samsung’s 10th Anniversary of Mobiles. and Samsung really wants to do some innovation in the industry. Last year Samsung patents displays, That are Infinity V, Infinity O, Infinity U & other was New Infinity. And Samsung Soon launches their one mobile with New infinity. Because Samsung files a patent to put the camera in S-Pen that controls by the Phone.


Samsung S10 Plus on Geekbench [Leak]

Reports say that Samsung soon launches New Infinity Display phone because Samsung files a patent that they built the camera in S-Pen and This camera controlled with your mobile and have Optical Zoom feature in it. As Camera is located in S-Pen then there is no need to make a hole in the display with Camera and Samsung gives Full Display phone. Maybe Samsung launches this feature in NoteX/Note 10 or waits for next year to implement this feature.


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