YouTube Dislike: Do you have a reason to dislike this video? [Leak]


Before YouTube Rewind 2018, The most disliked video on YouTube was Baby song by Justin Bieber. But Youtube doesn’t care about it and they are working on their other features. and in 2018 when YouTube launch their YouTube rewind 2018. They break the record of Justin Bieber and Now, Youtube Rewind 2018 is the most disliked video on YouTube which has 15.5M Dislikes.


YouTube Dark Mode save your’s battery power

YouTube take it very seriously and Reports say that maybe in future YouTube ask you to tell the reason behind your dislike. Some reports say that maybe YouTube removes the like & dislike system and others say that YouTube wants to know the reason behind your dislike. In some cases, it is good that on some videos haters are come to just dislike your video. This may help to grow faster new creators on YouTube.


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