Official Government Holidays of 2019 in Pakistan


Whenever a person sounds like that “It’s Holiday”, They plan to spend their holidays before the completion of talks. And later, Government says that there is no holiday. But, It’s 2019 bro, Government announces the “Official Government Holidays of 2019”. The Interior Ministry of Pakistan releases a notice, where the government announced the public holidays for Kashmir Day, Pakistan Day, Labour Day, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Azha, Independence Day, Ashura, Eid Milad un Nabi (SAW) & Quaid-e-Azam Day.

But here is the Banking sector have 3 more holidays, that are on January 1, May 7 & July 1.

Holidays for Muslim Festivals like Eid ul Azha, Eid ul Fite & Eid Milad un Nabi (SAW) are subject to appearance of the moon for which a separate notification wil be issued.


The Government has listed 23 more holidays like New Year Day, Basant Panchnami, Shiv Ratri, Holi, Dulhani, Shab-e-Miraj, Good Friday & Many others for Government Officials.


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