Huawei Folding Smartphone: Is Huawei Compete Samsung?


2019 is all about Folding Phones & 5G, Last year Samsung tease their Folding phone and later, Huawei also announce that they also make a Huawei folding smartphone to compete with Samsung, Samsung send invites that they launch their S10 series on 20 of Feb, but they don’t tell that, when they launch their Folding phone?

And on another side, Huawei confirms that they launch their Folding phone in 24 of Feb in MWC. Maybe the Huawei will be the first company (after Royale Flexpai) that launch their Folding phone. And Samsung doesn’t launch their phone before Huawei. What do you think about this, Is Huawei launch Folding phone before Samsung or Samsung also launch their folding phone on the 20th of Feb. Tell me in the comments below. I want to know about your opinions.


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