Intel Folding Phone: Samsung may face competition from Intel


2019 will be known as Folding mobiles Innovation, Many companies are working day to night to build their Folding Smartphone. Samsung was the first, then Huawei announces and then we saw the teaser of Xiaomi that they also launch a Folding smartphone. but, Here is another competitor that is Intel.


Xiaomi Folding Smartphone: 2019 is about Innovations

Reports say that Intel also working on a Folding Smartphone, Intel was file a patent in 2017 and now they are working on it in 2019, This will be Trifold phone from Intel, When you unfold it will become a Tablet. Samsung shows only 1 fold, Xiaomi shows 2 and Intel will have 3 Folds. They have 2 cameras in their Every fold department and the whole mobile have 6 cameras. And also this mobile will have a Stylus. Intel will soon launch it for commercial use. Do you think that Intel gives competition to Samsung?



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