Nokia will launch 2 mobiles in MWC


Nokia teases from last year that they launch Nokia 9 Pure view. but still, they don’t launch it yet. They said that they launch it in December 2018, But, They don’t launch. Them he said that we launch it in end of January but still, they don’t launch this phone. And now, Company says that Nokia will launch their 2 phones in MWC on 24 Feb.


Nokia 9: Some leaked Specs

Reports say that Nokia finally launches two mobiles in MWC 2019. One will be the Nokia 9 Pure view with 5 Rear Cameras and Another with Punch Hole Display like Samsung A8s & Huawei Honor View 20. Nokia even doesn’t leak anything about that phone but they share a poster that shows that Nokia will launch 2 phones on MWC 2019. Maybe this will be an amazing phone from Nokia. Waiting for 24Feb that I want to know that what Nokia launch?


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