Zong Internet Packages: Complete Packages Info


Zong Internet Packages

Zong is the 2nd Largest Subscribers base network in Pakistan. This is a Chinese company with 31 Million Subscribers in Pakistan, and have 21% share among Cellular Networks. They give many affordable packages with High Speed but some are too expensive. In this article I tell you all Zong Internet Packages, They give to their customers and give best speed.

Zong gives best speeds but, In some cases they charge 100 PKR/1GB, That is not affordable. Speeds are vary in your Case.

TiP (Technology in Pakistan)

As I mentioned that Zong has 31 Million Subscribers from Pakistan. So, they have more responsibility to maintain their services. In my experience, Zong has Best Internet Speeds in Pakistan. but sometimes, it’s too costly. So let’s Talk about Zong Internet Packages.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Many other companies like Jazz, Telenor & Ufone. Zong also have Daily internet Packages for their customers. If you are a Zong Customer and Buy only 1 day bundle. Then this packages is for you.

BundlePriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Daily Basic15 PKR100 MB1 Day*6464*1*1*1*1#
Daily Max35 PKR500 MB1 Day*6464*1*1*2*1#

Zong Daily Promotion Bundles

If you need more MBs in Low price, then Zong also have Best offers for you but with Limitations of time. This is also Daily base offers,

BundlePriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Daytime Offer16 PKR1200 MB4am-7pm*6464*2*2*1#
Good Night Offer15 PKR2.5 GB1am-9pm*6464*2*1*1#

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Maybe you don’t want to Dail code every day and Prefered a weekly bundle. Then Zong have different types of weekly bundles for their customers. Here is the Main weekly bundles.

BundlePriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Super Weekly120 PKR2.5 GB7 Days*6464*1*2*1*1#
Super Weekly Plus160 PKR5 GB7 Days*646*1*2*2*1#
Super Weekly Max200 PKR10 GB (5GB for 4am-4pm)7 Days*6464*1*2*3*1#
My Zong App
My Zong App

Zong Combo Pack

This package is for those people, who want Free minutes with MBs. If you are these type of people then this package is for you. In this package, You will get 3,000 MBs & 50 All-network minutes for 15 Days. If you excited for this Bundle & want to activate then just click *15#.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Every company get customers for a long time period. No company wants that you will be their customer for only One or Two days or Weeks. For long term Relationships Companies gives their customers a Monthly Bundle. That a person if buy they remain their customers at least 1 month.


Telenor Internet Packages: Complete Packages

BundlePriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Monthly Mini 15050 PKR150 MB30 Days*6464*1*4*1*1#
Mnthly Basic 500150 PKR500 MB30 Days*6464*1*4*2*1#
Monthly Premium 3GB300 PKR3 GB30 Days*6464*1*4*3*1#
Monthly Premium 12GB717 PKR12GB+(1GB/Daily/1am-9am)30 Days*6464*1*4*4*1#

Zong Social Internet Packages

That’s all packages from Zong, But wait. Zong also have Social Bundles for Customers. If you don’t need the whole Internet and only need to run a specific application like Facebook, WhatsApp, Daraz etc. Then Zong have specific packages.

BundlePriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Social Pack10 PKR100 MB1 Day*6464*3*3*1#
Classified Pack5 PKR50 MB1 Day *6464#
Facebook Daily5 PKR50 MB1 Day *6464*3*2*1#
WhatsApp Bundle20 PKR4 GB30 Days *6464*3*1*1#
Google Duo10 PKR2 GB30 Days *6464*3*4*1#

My Zong App

If you don’t want to Remember these Complicated Codes to activate a bundle. Then Zong gives you Opportunity of 1-click Activate via My Zong App. Just click here and you go to My Zong App download link. Just Install & Register your number for Easy activation of Packages.

Check Package Detail

If you don’t have a smartphone and want to check your Remaining MBs or Other data like Sms, Minutes then Just Dail *102# and select option. You will receive details of your Remaining Quota.

That’s all about Zong Internet Packages. If you think I miss soemething, Just write in comment Below and give your Feedback about this article.



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