Telenor Internet Packages: Complete Packages


Telenor Internet Packages:

Telenor have 170 Million Subscribers across Scandinavia and Asia. But their service like newly company in a Poor Country where they don’t find resources to increase their Service quality. But this is not a topic that I covered today. Today we talk about Telenor Internet Packages.

No doubt, Telenor gives good packages, But their internet Speed are not good. May vary in your city.

TiP – Technology in Pakistan

As i mentioned above that telenor have 170 Million Total Subscribers but I think if they manage their Internet speed then definately they will gain more subscribers. So, Now, Avoid extra talks and give you Packages detail of Telenor.

Telenor 1 Hour Bundle

Many of other companies like Zong, Jazz or Ufone only give Daily, Weekly, & Monthly bundles but Telenor are the first company (In my view) that gives their users a Hourly bundle in very low amount.

Bucket NameVolumeValidityPriceCode
Telenor Video Bundle500MB1 Hour8 PKR*60#

Telenor Daily Internet Bundles

Telenor gives their users a variety of Bundles, You can use as your choice and budget. If you have low balance and can’t get Monthly or Weekly Data bundles then you should use Daily Internet Bundles. Telenor also give more options on their Daily bundles, You can choose on your choice.

Bucket NameVolumeValidityPriceCode
4G Daily Lite Bundle50MB1 Day12 PKR*12#

Telenor New Sim offer

Every company their customers some benefits when they purchase a new sim. Same like Telenor also gives their customers a promotional offer to their users when they buy a new sim. Note: This offer is only for New customers.

Bucket NameVolumeValidityPriceCode
Free 2GB Offer2GB2 Days1 paisa*954#


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Telenor Promotions Internet Bundles

Every company have some Promotional Bundles of their 2G, 3G & 4G customers. But this Promotions Bundles get popolarity when 4G comes. Other companies like Zong, Jazz & Ufone. The Telenor also have 1 Promotion Internet Bundle with 1.5GB Data Volume.

Bucket NameVolumeValidityPriceCode
Raat Din offer1.5GB12 Hour (12am – 12 pm)15 PKR*15#

3 Days Internet Bundles

Telenor also gives their Customers a 3 Days Internet Bundles offer. If you need little amount of data and don’t want to purchase Weekly or Monthly bundles then you should use this 3 Days Bundle. which gives you 4,000 MBs.

Bucket NameVolumeValidityPriceCode
4G 3 Day Bundle2,000MB + 2,000MB Facebook3 Days42 PKR*32#
Telenor Internet Packages
Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Weekly Internet Bundles

Every company want’s that you remain their customer long time. That’s the reason they only give 1 or 2 Daily & Promotional Bundles but In Weekly, they give you as many Bundles that you got confused that Which one is for you. Here is Telenor’s latest 8 Weekly Bundles.

Bucket NameVolumeValidityPriceCodeAvailabity
Mehran Internet Offer3,000MB + 50 PKR BalanceWeekly120 PKR*620#Only for Sindh except Karachi
4G Weekly Ultra5,000MB + 1,000MB for Goonj/GameBox7 Days140 PKR*336#
4G Weekly Super1,500MB + 500MB for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox7 Days100 PKR*288#
Weekly Plus Bundle1,500MB7 Days120 PKR*73#
4G Weekly Bundle750MB7 Days75 PKR*72#
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle2,500 MBWeekly (1 am – 7 pm)85 PKR*345*144#
Dhamal Internet Offer2,000MBWeekly85 PKR*812#Only for Selected Areas
Super Dhamal Internet Offer5,000  MBWeekly150 PKR*946#Only for Selected Areas

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

After Weekly bundles Telenor also introduces some Monthly Internet Packages for their Customers, You can use any of these bundles on your Telenor Number. Here is the Monthly Bundles List.

Bucket NameVolumeValidityPriceCode
Monthly Data Offer200MB + 1000MB for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox1 Month170 PKR*301#
4G Monthly Starter Bundle4,000MB +4,000 MB (1am – 7am)1 Month250 PKR*302#
4G Monthly Bundle9,000MB1 Month500 PKR*303#
4G Monthly Plus Bundle10,000MB1 Month750 PKR*345*136#

That’s it, this was the Telenor Internet Packages.

Telenor Internet City Offer

In this offer, Telenor doesn’t give their Offers to the whole Subscribers they only give this offer to some city specific. Different cities have different Packages you Simply go on Telenor web and check availability¬†of your city and activate the offer.

That’s all, here i Wrape up this article, At present Telenor have only these Packages, In future if they Update it. We will try to update our Article. Do you have any suggestion for this article? Just write down in comments.


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