Samsung Galaxy S-10 5G: are not coming to Asian markets. Perhaps


Samsung is the leader in Android Mobile phones. The PM is Huawei (Laugh). And Apple also considers as a leader but not in Android. Samsung launches their mobiles in many series but their popular series is Samsung S-Series & Samsung Note-Series. But they also doing good work in their Budget Category Smartphones for now. In this year Samsung uses their Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus in S-Series and Note9 in their Note-Series. And Next Year Samsung go to launch their 5G Enabled Smartphone. But not in Asian Markets.

Samsung S10 5G Variant
Samsung S10 5G

Chip Makers

As you know, That Qualcomm, MediaTek, Huawei, Apple & Samsung makes chipsets for Mobile phones. Apple only uses their chipsets in their own iPhone. And Huawei uses their Chips in Huawei & Honor branding Mobile phones. Samsung is still using their chips in their own Galaxy Smartphones. While MediaTek & Qualcomm Ships their Chips to others brands that they use it in their mobile phones. And now, Samsung launched their latest Chip Exynos 9820 in this month. But they don’t have 5G Compatibility.

Exynos, MediaTek, Snapdragon Chipset

5G Compatible Chipsets

Apple’s chip A12 Bionic Chip doesn’t support 5G, Maybe next year their Apple A13 BionicChip support 5G. But Apple says that they launch their 5G Enabled Smartphone in 2020. MediaTek uses in only Budget Smartphones And Technology never starts from Budget Category. Huawei’s latest Chip Kirin 980 Also don’t support 5G Technology but Reports says that Huawei is working on their Kirin 990 Chipset that supports to 5G. While Samsung’s latest Chip Exynos 9820 also don’t have Compatibility with 5G. And Qualcomm Mobile phones to launch their latest Chipset on this month. And this will Supports 5G Technology.

Snapdragon 8150
5G Chipset

Samsung launch their 4 variants of Galaxy S10,

  1. Samsung S10 Lite (Flat Screen)
  2. Samsung S10 (Curved Display with Infinity O)
  3. Samsung S10 Plus (Curved Display with Infinity O)
  4. Samsung S10 5G (Curved Display with Infinity O)


Samsung Start Giving One UI Update In US & South Korea To Their Users

The first 3models still using with 4G Technology but the 4th, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant will come with 5G Compatibility as mentioned in their name. Reports say that Samsung launches this mobile phone with high specifications like 12GB Ram & up to 1TB Rom. But this 5G variant will not comes in Asian Markets. And maybe this will only specific for US Market.

Samsung S10 Variants
Samsung S10

Samsung’s History.

Samsung launches their S8, S8 plus & Note 8 in US Market with Snapdragon 835 and in Asian markets, it comes with their own Exynos 8895 Processors.

The same thing happened with their S9, S9 plus & Note9, It comes with Snapdragon 845 in USA Markets and In Asian Markets, they launch it with Exynos 9810.

If Samsung repeats it, they will launch their Galaxy S10 variants and Note 10 with Snapdragon 855/8150 in US Markets and In Asian Markets, it will come with Exynos9820 (This Chip are not support 5G Technology).

Samsung S9
Samsung’s don’t give Snapdragon Processors to Asian Markets


Samsung should change this Strategy that they launch their Mobiles with Best Processors in only US Market and give Asian Markets their own Exynos Processors for Testing of their Processors. (I don’t say that Exynos processors are bad but Samsung should give 5G Technology to their Asian Customers)

Now you tell me, what you think about it.

What you think about it?

Is Samsung launch their S10 & Note 10 launch in Asian Markets with 5G Technology? Orthey launch it with their Exynos 9820 Chipset?

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