Samsung will make 1Million Flexible devices with 5G Compatibility


Recently, Samsung shows their Folding Smartphone and believe me this was the Awesome Mobilephone i ever seen. Samsung says that this mobile will go Commercially in the Next year. And Maybe Samsung available it on WDC 2019.


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Reports say that Samsung make this mobile in low quantity because this is the new concept. So, obviously it will be expensive. Samsung says that we Make only 1M devices for the first. And if they get success then we make others.

Samsung will make 1M Units of their Flexible Phone
Samsung will make 1M Units of their Flexible Phone

This mobile will change the concept of Mobilephones. This will come with Snapdragon 855 (7nm) Processor in European Markets and in Asian Markets in it will come with Exynos 9820 (8nm) Processor. And this mobile will have 5G compatibility. Just wait for the beast.


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