Nokia will launch Nokia 9 on 5th December in Dubai


One there was a time when Nokia was the best company in Market. But later Nokia don’t follow the Trends and they flops. After Microsoft acquired Nokia and they launch Windows Phone with Nokia Branding. This concept also flopped. And Nokia shutdown their services.

Nokia 9 launch in Dubai on December 5
Nokia 9 launch in Dubai on December 5


Samsung start giving One UI update in US & South Korea to their users

Later, He comes back and launches many Smartphones on Android base. Almost their every Smartphone comes with Android One Program. And now Reports say that Nokia will Launch Nokia 9. A Flagship from Nokia. Generally, Nokia go to launch 3 Mobile phones in Dubai on 5th of December. 2 Mobiles have Notches & one without Notch and Reports Say that this will be Nokia 9.


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