Apple gives USB Type-C in their Apple Watch Charger


Early age of technology, Apple try to use USB Type-C but that time Type-C Technology wasn’t developed compared to nowadays. But after when it improved and every company tries to give customers Type-C Charging Cable. The Apple doesn’t agree to give customers Type-C and they use Lighting Charging Cable.

But now this miracle happen at a small level. Apple ditch lighting cable and give customers Type-C in their Apple Watch. Yes, in Apple watch not in their phones. Maybe Apple gives USB Type-C in their iPhones from 2019 or 2020 or maybe next year. But definitely give you one day. Don’t be happy that Apple gives USB Type-C. One side it will be Type-C and Other Side this is the normal Apple Watch Charging Pad. And the cost is 29$. Apple product & Cheap price, Impossible.


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