Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will have 100% Display Size


Just one you say that this mobile will be launch on that date. Then there will be many of many Leaks and Rumors come. Here is another leak of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Reports say this Mobile will be launch with 100% Screen to Body Ratio.

Xiaomi tease 2 case one is written 5G & other is 10G. Reports say this 5G is a Signal that this mobile has 5G Connectivity. And 10G mean this device will be launch with 10GB Ram. So this will be the first phone on Planet that has 10GB ram & also have 5G Connectivity. Their screen resolution will be 1080*2340p. With 24Mp slider Selfie camera and this will have a Manual Slider, And this will not a Motorized Camera.


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