LG Launch it’s Hybrid SmartWatch


Once LG was an Innovative Company but they don’t follow the Trend and Nowadays its much low quantity of people that Know about LG in Mobile & SmartWatch Industry. But in TV’s, LG still have a Great name in Market.
Yesterday, LG launched its Hybrid SmartWatch. It is a Normal Hand watch. LG uses Google’s WearOS in this SmartWatch and they said if you use this Watch like SmartWatch it will give you Only 4-5 Battery Life. But in some cases, if you could not charge your Watch this will be Normal Analogue Watch.

First its SmartWatch and if the battery is done and you don’t charge it this will be Normal Analoge Watch.
LG definitely did a great work. But the price is much high. If it come to Pakistan it’s price will be touch to 45,000 PkR figure.


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