Top 5 Mobile Brands in the world


Top 5 Mobile Brands in the world

In this world, There are many smartphone brands are working properly. In these brands, Only China have large numbers of this Mobile Industry. Even you don’t listen to the name of it. But in this article, we just tell you Top5 Brands of Mobile Technology.

1 – Samsung

Samsung still maintains its top position in the smartphone industry as the most preferred phone brand. A Samsung Electronics subsidiary, the brand ships more than 300 million units annually. This accounts for about 30% of the total mobile phone sales on the market.

Its focus today is on Android-driven smartphones, though it still designs and produces a considerable number of analog phones. Its Samsung Galaxy series is its signature brand series today with most sales found within this series. Samsung is present in about 100 countries. Because of the absolute dominance and wide portfolio, it is the top Smartphone brand in the market.


2 – Huawei

Huawei has also not been left behind in the quest to claim a considerable piece of cake in the top 10 Smartphone brands in the world in 2017 compilation. A Chinese formed company, Huawei is a market leader in telecom equipment and phone manufacturer in the world.

Its strong presence is in segments such as Smartphone, computers, tablets, and broadband etc. With a whopping about 75,000 people employed exclusively for research and development, it can now be fathomed why the company is steadily producing advanced phones. Huawei sells about 100 million units annually.


3 – Apple

This is easily one of the most popular and recognized Smartphone brands across the globe. With a strong presence in about 40 countries together with about 100 exclusive store establishments in about 15 countries, Apple sells slightly more than 200 million units every year.

Apple was founded in the 1970’s but its signature product the iPhone that was released in 2007 by Steve Jobs (Apple’s co-founder), is what took the company to the global playground. The iPhone series is popular because of its feature-rich, durability and the fact that it is classy to own an iPhone. Due to its differentiation advantage, Apple is the second highest Smartphone brands in the world.


4 – Xiaomi

One of the newest companies to enter an industry with a bang, Xiaomi was just established in 2010 but has been able to penetrate the global market through its strong workforce comprising of more than 8000 workers.

Xiaomi has managed to establish itself as a force to reckon in big markets such as China and India and with a significant presence in Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, and Thailand among others. With over 65 million unit exports, it is one of the top 10 Smartphone brands in the world in 2017.


5 – Oppo

Oppo was founded in the year 2001 in China and has emerged as a formidable force in electronics and tech organization. It is not until 2008 that the company ventured into the Smartphone manufacturing as it used to concentrate on production of MP3 players before. With the company’s slogan “The Art of Technology”, Oppo has been able to reach customers in at least 20 countries, most of which are within the Asian continent especially China and India. Others are in the USA, the Middle East countries, Europe and even as far as Australia.

Oppo ships about 50 million units in a year, with popular Smartphone offerings including OPPO R7, Joy, Mirror, F1 and OPPO Neo. Recently, Oppo has stepped up its advertising and has brought many different SKU’s in the market. As a result, Oppo is supposed to be a much stronger player in 2018 and is one of the top Smartphone brands in 2017.


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