General Data Protection Regulation – (GDPR) – All you Need to know – in Urdu/Hindi


What is the General Data Protection Regulation?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. According to European Law, this Regulation Applied on All working Companies. After the Data Breach of Facebook, this law got Update and make some changes in it.

The customer of Companies.

Large companies like Google & Facebook try to secure their customer’s data bug due to some bug their data got a leak. According to GDPR Law customer have the right to know all of his data that company hold.


Apply Date of this Law.

Some days ago WhatsApp launch it’s download data report for customers that they know about their stored data. GDPR Law applied to all companies from 25 May 2018. Unfortunately, if some company by mistake or due to any bug leak their customer data they informed in 72 hours. That what’s the reason for a data breach.

How much Company Fined.

Whenever a law made in any country the Penalty of this law break also made.
The breaking of this rule company will be fined 4% of their Annual Profit/Shipment.



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