Lenovo S5 Pro Camera Leak


There was a time when people just happy with this that they have one camera in their mobile. After that companies Implant front camera in their mobiles. And people know about Selfies. But later companies give 2 Rear Cameras for Quality photos. And it becomes Trend.

It was good about 2 Rear Cameras & Single Selfie Camera but then Huawei Launch P20 Pro with 3 Rear Cameras and this Mobile Shake the industry of Mobile phones & every Company follow this Trend & give 3 Rear & 1 or 2 Selfie Camera.

But today, Lenovo Tease 4 Rear Camera Mobile. As you see in the picture above that this camera is in Square-Shaped and a Flashlight in Between Them. Don’t know that this four Camera is for what purpose but Lenovo will Announce it’s Functions Soon & we will Provide you.

But this is also possible that it is the Cheap Advertising material like Lenovo Z5. They said in Z5 Advertising that they have 4TB Storage. 30 Days Battery Life & Full Bezzel-Less Screen but It’s Not.


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